How to be Creative for Your Outdoor Wedding Event?

Tips in Making Your Wedding Excellent

When you plan your wedding location, it is important to know how to filter out the best venues. There are so many options for your wedding venue, from big to small, from winter to summer locations and from indoors to outdoors. If you and your partner are celebrating your big day outside, you will want to plan your wedding so that it has the beauty and spaciousness of the outdoors but maintains the comfort of indoors. Here are some of the creative ideas that you can do on your own wedding event:

All About WeddingCushion on the Seats

Our first and most basic suggestion for an outdoor wedding reception is to provide cushions on the seats. This simple necessity will make the biggest difference for your guests’ experience as they enjoy your beautiful ceremony. You can choose whether to pick simple white bench cushions or go with other creative wedding chair decorations.

Stepping Stones for Bridesmaids

Your bridesmaids worked hard to help make your wedding celebrations as successful as possible… return the favor by making sure to avoid creating a terribly uncomfortable experience for your bridal party. Most importantly, don’t stick your girls in stilettos on grass throughout your ceremony. If your reception is taking placing in a garden or field, consider placing a small platform or cement or wooden blocks where the bridal party will be standing. This will assure that they won’t need to worry about sinking into the grass or breaking a heel and can instead focus on your lovely ceremony that they came to see!

Bring the Dancing Shoes

If you’re concerned for your other high-heeled guests but want to keep your ceremony on grass, you don’t have to settle! One option is to let your guests know ahead of time to opt for their favorite classy wedding flats rather than heels. Alternatively, if you plan to have the ceremony out on a field but the rest of the reception on hard ground, you can provide your attendees with cheap flip-flops. This will increase your guests’ comfort both while strolling the venue and of course, while dancing the evening away!

Ice Cold Drinks

If your outdoors wedding is taking place during the summer and the weather is expected to be warm, you should consider making ice cold drinks available outside. This does not have to be the location of your bar. You can ask your venue to put out ice-filled buckets with bottles of water and cans of soda or place one water bottle on every seat.

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